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Web Development

Our team of experts build intelligent and quality websites that perform & exceed your expectations. We offer completely customised responsive web solutions to turn your online presence into a profitable entity. From designs to the back end panel we have a one stop solution for every web related task, Our Team offer SASS, Bootstrap designs for the websites which make our portals shine bright and looks premium.

Application Development

Our developers pride themselves on creating clean coded, bespoke solutions that deliver on every level, From sketched idea to finished interface, we’re passionate about creating design that works.

Voice Over Service

We provide VOICE OVER SERVICES in any language and accent. We have done over 100+ Australian voice overs in past weeks. We can provide voice overs in American, Australian, British, Mexican, French, Spanish etc. accents. We can also provide Hindi Voice overs or any other Indian language voice over services.

CRM Software

We provide CRM (customer relationship management), CRM software is a category of software that covers a broad set of applications designed to help businesses manage many of the following business processes: customer data. customer interaction. access business information. automate sales. Contact Us now for a Quote.

Social WIFI

SOCIAL WIFI is the easy-to-use software to manage multi-vendor Access Points and WLANs, from just one place. Our Social Dashboard allows simultaneous monitoring and management of multiple Wi-Fi routers and access points, with individual or centralized SSIDs, responsive splash page, voucher-based authentication and social login, located in one place or in remote locations. WI-FI FOR LEAD GENERATION, SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT, MARKETING, ADVERTISING, REVENUES!

SMS Panel Service

Our SMS Portal is versatile and easy-to-use software designed for quick sending of anonymous SMS and SMS mailings via the Internet from your PC or laptop. The program sends SMS messages through Our SMS Portal in order to guarantee the highest SMS delivery rates.

2D & 3D Animation Videos

Animation video plays a major role in advertising campaign. We provides 3D Simulation, 3D Animation – Medical, 3D Animation – Industrial simulation, 2D & 3D Animation for Educational presentation, Custom Animation and interactive, Architectural visualization and concept development, 3D modeling and walkthrough to visualize your thoughts, 2D and 3D Art Work.

Hosting-Superior Servers

Unlike other hosting providers whom rent their servers, we own and operate our servers and we beef them up with the latest technologies. Our web hosting servers run 2x Quad-core+ processors, 16GBs+ of RAM, terabyte and solid state drives in redundant arrays, redundant power supplies and redundant power feeds. These are not your average servers.

Natural Search (SEO) & Marketing

No guess work. No replication. Just tailored solutions to meet your SEO needs. Using advanced SEO techniques, for desktop and mobile, we give your site the building blocks it needs to succeed and the powerful sustainability to reach and retain the top positions, We also offer solutions for all type of Internet Marketing.

Bringing Latest Innovations to India

In the past few years we have brought over 27 unique technologies in India which was never even talked about at movies, Including drones, kiosk, cyber ant, 5D Glass and many more. We are the biggest kiosk provider in the complete nation.

Cyber Security

We offer the best in class and unbreakable cyber security technology. Our people have a passion for information security and technological innovation and we can secure any type of web application, servers, databases.  We do it with pride because it's what we stand front from others.

Video Conferencing System

We develop a secure and fully featured video conferencing solution for PC & Mobile users focusing on security our system is encrypted and hosted on private servers.


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